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These widows are often the sole providers for their families. Their businesses are as varied as each individual: paperbead making, sewing, farming, and animal husbandry to name a few.

Destiny works closely with each widow so they can become self-sustaining, fostering pride in their village:

  • Identify their sustainable, marketable skills
  • Encourage their growth in business
  • Teach community building
  • Teach budgeting
  • Provide basic home improvements such as doors or locks for safety and safe keeping of their work products.
  • Pray with them as they express needs

Once we sit down with each one, learn their names, meet their children, hear their stories it's very hard for us as staff to walk away telling them, "We will do what we can and be praying with you that God provides." In fact, it's heart breaking. We often leave with tears in our eyes and are lie awake at night worried about them. But we know we serve a very BIG God and He CAN provide!

The widows welcome and invite us into their homes to share their lives with us. We hear their reports of praise for how God has been faithful to provide for their most basic needs, knowing He will provide again.


Grace is 58 years old and lives in Masese Village. She is an expert at making paper beads and jewelry. Each bead is made by hand. She is amazing to watch. Grace uses her talents to support her family. She is a widow with 3 children and 5 grandchildren that she cares for. All of them are currently in school. She is working very hard to provide for their schooling, daily needs and pay for the rent of her house. She also supports her family by digging in the fields for farmers and collecting firewood.



Florence has 2 children of her own that she is caring for plus 1 orphan. Her home was in a serious state of disrepair. Through donated funds Destiny was able to rebuild her home!



Doreen lives in Masese Village and is 41 years old. Doreen is an HIV positive widow and cares for 3 children that are also HIV positive. Doreen hand makes each of these colorful paper beads and then assembles those into bracelets and necklaces. Selling these jewelry items provides for her family's medical needs, clean drinking water, and basic food items such as rice and beans.



Grace is 35 years old and lives in Masese Village. She makes paper beads and jewelry; each bead rolled by hand. Grace uses her self-sustaining skills to support her family. She is a widow with 7 children that she cares for. 5 of them are currently in school, the other 2 are too young to attend. She is a very hard worker. Grace uses the money from selling her crafts to pay for school fees, provide for the family's daily needs and pay for the rent of her house