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Who We Are

Empowering elderly, widows and orphans through education, health care and sustainable living skills.

What makes Destiny E.W.O. unique

We provide cultural and linguistic understanding; our native Ugandan team understands local needs and resources and can:

  • Communicate fluently in several languages establishing trust.
  • Value the knowledge elders can pass down.
  • Establish rapport with village leaders and elders.
  • Provide spiritual and emotional support for families.
  • Offer education on topics such as money management.

Destiny does not hand out cash donations.

  • We identify people's skills that have potential to create income.
  • We equip them with training or materials for profitable self-employment.
  • We empower individuals to build better lives for themselves and their children for many generations.
  • They gain pride in their accomplishments.
  • Others see this and find hope for themselves.
The result: everyday lives are changed.