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Orphans, having either one parent living or neither parent to care for them are often taken in by an elderly couple or a widow struggling to provide for her own children.

  • They need sponsorship for their schooling as there is no free public school system in Uganda. They need a school uniform and supplies as well as money for meals.
  • Daily provisions of basic clothing including undergarments are necessities they are often going without.
  • In addition to meeing basic needs, we offer education in a trade for future self-sustainability such as gardening or animal care.
Our goal is to see the widow or elderly caregiver being able to provide education to an orphan that would otherwise not be able to attend school.

Buwenda Event

The Buwenda Event is a time to just be a kid with Games, laughter, lollipop (sweetie), soda.  The orphans are encouraged to set goals and plan for their future.  They also receive basic supplies like toothbrushes, snacks, pencils and soap.  Click here to view an image gallery from the event.