Gift Catalog

Short term change: milk for their families, extra can be sold for profit.
Long term change: meat for their families, extra sold for profit, future offspring sold as needed, stable businesses established.

With this giving model in mind the downward cycle of poverty will be broken. Lives, families, communities and villages changed!  Each goat costs $150 and our goal is to bless 5 elderly and widows with this opportunity.


Zaluma and Namukose

Zaluma and Namukose are an elderly couple who have no family support since all of their children have passed away.



Kiyuuba is elderly immigrant from Burundi where all of his family lives. He is now apart from them and surviving on the few food items that his neighbors give him.



David is an elderly gentleman that always has a smile on his face despite his living conditions (his home is in the background of this picture). He struggles with some cognitive disabilities but works when he can in the fields. Often he goes around the village asking for food.