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The Ripple Effect of Your Giving

What could $10,000 to $20,000 provide?

$10,000.00 allows a team to own and share two bodas (motorcycle taxis) for more efficient local transportation
needs saving gas, miles on the van, and allow us to easily transport a widow or widower to our
workshop for a day's production

BONUS – a boda can also serve as a potential income source to sustain Destiny EWO by our staff also working as drivers giving rides to others when schedules allow – Destiny EWO following its own self sustainability example!

$20,000.00  provides a safe and secure shelter for 5 widows and the orphans she cares for

Imagine what we could do together! Education, hygiene, tutoring, rice and beans, clothing, shoes and so much more!

**In addition, these purchases would be made in country (Uganda) further supporting the economy and local business owners providing for their families!**