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The Ripple Effect of Your Giving

What can $1.00 to $50.00 provide?

$1.00 buys a jerry can for transporting clean water eliminating water-borne illnesses

$5.00 buys a pair of flip flop sandals to prevent foot related diseases and injuries

$10.00 buys required school supplies for an orphan

$15.00 can provide a widowed father with hand tools so he can work in the garden growing vegetables for his

$20.00 buys a chicken for eggs to eat & sell, provides baby chicks to raise & sell, and eventually provides meat
for a holiday feast!

$40.00 provides schooling and a meal at lunch time for a child for one month

$50.00 can purchase mosquito netting for an entire family protecting them from Malaria

**In addition, these purchases would be made in country (Uganda) further supporting the economy and local business owners providing for their families!**